Close-up magician Alexander Richard Lodge is a professional award winning magician. If you’re looking to add that touch of magic to your next event then Alex can grantee to amaze and amuse you and your guests. Alexander is an accomplished professional who is repeatedly re-booked by his clients. Whether it is for the largest trade show, exhibition, private party, wedding or society ball, you will be captivated by his skilful sleight-of-hand magic and his warm and entertaining personality.

Mix & Mingle Close-up Magic

Mix & Mingle Close up magic is ideal at a drinks reception. As your guests arrive Alexander will be there to mix & mingle with your guests and introduce himself as the magician and then amaze everyone using cards, coins, finger rings, browed objects etc. Time length can vary from one to two hours.

Table Hopping Close-up Magic

This style of magic is ideal before, after, or during Dinner, as Alexander moves from table to table presenting magic that involves everyone. The magic happens right before your eyes and right under your nose, this really is the ideal way of entertaining your guests as the laughter and applause at each table spreads throughout the room to create and set the atmosphere for the evening. Time length can vary from one to two hours.

Cabaret Magic

Cabaret Magic is ideal just after dinner before or after speeches. Sit back relax and get ready for a spot of comedy magic. In the same way a comedian will entertain an audience, Alex will charm and involve your guests, telling gags, doing magic, mind reading, and illusion this is a great way to end your dinner and begin the evening.